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My first revision

of the manuscript is well under way – I’m now on Chapter 25. But there is no way I am going to be properly ready for the Debut Dagger. I haven’t even attempted to start on the synopsis yet. And I have to completely rewrite the Prologue bearing in mind everything changed…

I’ve been making notes of names and places, and continuity errors. I’ve spotted a few minor plot problems that need to be fixed, and also seen a couple of loose ends that need to be tied up…or pulled out completely.  I always knew the sub plot needed extending, and that there are scenes I’ve skimped on, that need to be written properly.

This time though, I’m not really fixing any of that. I’m just making sure that what is there is solid and readable, and internally consistent.

One slight tragedy that had me pulling my hair out today – I managed to spill a class of water over all my notes. They are now mostly illegible, but I am hoping won’t take too long to reconstruct because I’ve already done the thinking. That’s the theory, anyway.

I am making these notes so I know what to do with the next novel – so I have a record what works and what doesn’t, and what is easy and what is difficult.

It’s all difficult.

Note to future self – Don’t spill water on your notes. Really.

But I am working faster on this than I should be, because I need to get on with writing the synopsis. The Debut Dagger entry date is coming up too fast – and for some reason it is a whole month earlier than I expected.

Note to future self – Check dates and don’t just rely on memory. Really.

At least this one isn’t as bad as dragging Ryan to Ally Pally a week late for the Knitting and Stitching Show. I still pay for that one.

What next?

Once I’m through this quick edit, I will transfer the lot into Scrivener, start on the synopsis, and tagging each section so I can quickly pull out each section in a certain location, or dealing with a certain character.

I have to fix the timeline.

I have to extend the subplot.

There are several scenes I glossed over too quickly in my rush to get the story out – those need to be written properly.

I think there are several places where my narrative strands need to be unwoven, untangled, and then rebraided into a slightly more pleasing structure.

Several key scenes need polishing – the notably the beginning, the ending and the middle.  The key turning points.

So what am I waiting for? On with Chapter 25…


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