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Unless someone ties me to my chair

unplugs me from the internet, and fixes up some kind of reward system to feed me chocolate and dripfeed me coffee  Рthe chances of me finishing this first draft by Christmas are non existent.

It is slowly moving along, a few hundred words or so every other day. Maybe it’s just that I am tired after nanowrimo, maybe it’s just that my attention has been distracted by pointlessly worrying about things I have absolutely no influence over…or maybe I just don’t have this last part of the story so clear in my mind yet.

It is still possible that I might finish by the end of the year though.

Which would go some way towards making this year feel like it hadn’t been a complete waste.

So kick me if you see me wasting too much time on Facebook…or putting together potentially useful but also time draining pieces like this About Me page.


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