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I've been doing my sums

and something doesn’t quite add up…

I’m nearly half way through nanowrimo and I am on target. That means since the beginning of November I have written nearly 25k words, and now the novel draft is over 65k words long.

It’s going surprisingly well.

At least, it is, until I start to think about my synopsis, and my ideas about what is supposed to happen next.

I am building up to a nasty murder scene for my two thirds of the way through mark…and the final third is supposed to be the aftermath to the murder.

I should be committing murder very soon. Very soon indeed. Or else this novel is going to be far too long…even given that I was planning to cut is drastically in the rewrites.

My chapters seem to be running at 3 to 3.5k words (about two days each at nano-speed) and I’m on Chapter 20, moving to Chapter 21. Each chapter seems to consist of either one long scene, or two or three shorter ones. I have at least seven more scenes to write before I can kill him…

My first turning point scene was Chapter 11, so the murder ought to be in Chapter 22 – except I will need to cut so maybe I can leave it to Chapter 23 or 24…but not later.

(Please note, this is a fictional murder and not an arrestable offence. I am not Spartacus)

I’m not sure where that leaves me, except maybe I can use it structurally – it’s supposed to be a descent into hell, and it’s no bad thing of the pace hots up and more and more pressure is piled on my narrator until she finally snaps…

I’ve still not actually decided who is doing the murder, either…that should be a fun moment :-) There are at least five different entirely plausible candidates running amok in my head at the moment.

Don’t be surprised if I seem a bit deranged in the next few days…


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